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     I love my cats! On this page I'll describe them, and their special places in my life.





*50Centz* a.k.a "Fiddy" This is truly my "RoadDawg".  We have been thru alot together.  I got him from a friend at work when he was just a baby.  He is not almost 3 years old. We have slept in my car together- Me and Fiddy-when times were hard.  And when they got good we enjoyed the fruits together .  







"Fiddy" is very vain! He 'prolly thinks this page is all about him.  Hes soo much like a nucca~ sleep all day(16 hours! I timed it one day!), eat up everthing in site, and expects me to kiss his azz, which I do!  But I love him! When he feels he is not gettin enuff attention, he will climb right up on my comp desk and lay done in front of the screen.  Once I guess he was feelin neglected, and jumped up on my keyboard and would not move!  He is truly a piece of work!