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R.I.P ROB G.~.* 1.20.68 TO 7.14.03 ~* ~ True Hustlers Under Ghetto Stress~*
Can you see me? Do you know me? Walk my path with me a while Breathe in the ambrosia of life- Take my hand Open your eyes to the bright tommorow Live for Today One step. There! Look! The horizon of eternity set out before you The long road flows on Don't stumble: I'm here Take my shoulder to lean on. Give me a moment in time- So simple. A tear- A laugh- A smile. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Listen. Taste. Feel. This is your moment. This is your truth. Do not be afraid. I am a whisper. A memory. Remember me. For now you walk this road alone. But that won't be forever. Wait for me.
And go holla t my real folkz, Cuz John, like most of our young Black men, he died to young at tha hands of another. This is a page I dedicated to him...comments welcome.

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Floetry - Getting Late
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And as always, Remeber Tha Rules All together now... ~ No so-called Playas- I dont have any use for you and you dont have any use for me ... If i cant have all you attention than i dont want ANY of it.. and you need all yours on me just to DEAL with me.. ~ No SuperOG's - Im not into duckin bullets while you tryin to earn your stripes... ~ Sexual Novices - Please know how to handle all this- I dont have time to teach you ... ~No Busted Ni99as - If you dont have your own scrill from the jump off, I cant help you - Im short on mine baby! ~No HaterZ- cuz even if you are hating on someone else , i cant kick it with a person who is all down on other people . Thats negativity. Its not like what they have you cant get- all it takes is a little gettin bizzy, some effort on your part. I'll leave you to handle that ... ~No Baby Mama Drama Players - Ima still f**k with you if you have a BM- but keep her where she belongs- in YOUR life and outta mine. Me and you have nothing to do with you and her. This is not negotiable.
...And of course I couldnt leave out my Baby!~ ~*50*~ Thanks for coming thru, Sign tha log and make me know you were here!
"Mercie" ( in Benz, baby~!)