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this is a mess. But knowin the lil that I know: Daniel 'prolly died intestate (without a will) so after much legal wrangling, with people trying to claim they are heirs or owed something, the courts will pay Howard K an executors fee, pay off any and all obligations he legally had and the money go to the "state" so to speak in the Bahamas. 'Least thats how it is if you die without you affairs in order here in the states; I dont see this 20 year old havin the savvey to have drawn up a will; he was still livin at 20. "... some language in the will seems to exclude any of Smith's future spouses or children." Why would anyone add such a clause? Danilyn was excluded from birth. Im sure she meant to change that once things got settled around havin the baby and all...she didnt plan to die before she could Im sure. Lawd this is a True Hollywood Story.