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Im a 50-something,Black, Female, originally from in sunny California, but living? for the moment in humid-azz Texas.


I work in customer service.  Wow. 


I like to listen rap music mostly (no-choice-my son is a fledgling artist, trying to come up) as well as anything else that sounds good to me, and that can range from Alanis Morrissette to Techno. 

When I am not glued to this computer screen, enhancing graphics and creating webpages I am out tryin to see what I can do for my friends.  They may need me. Im like that.  Loyal for friends.  You cant have to many of those!

I have two children and 10 grandchildren ( I kno-I dont look like it (::blushin'::) but hey! somebody gotta claim em!)

My son Adrian (Ace Tha Dead Poet) has  bio (Asante and Gabriel, Chase, Monea, Adrian Jr. & Wisdom (twins!) and Aidan)  and 1 we callin ours- (Precious-shes such a doll!) .  My daughter, Jalina is the proud mother of two adorable boys, Jalen and Jaleel. 

(I think SOMEBODY has one on the way!  we'll see...) 

Things I Like: